Farm / Agricultural Insurance

Safety and Reassurance for Your Farm… A great amount of responsibility goes into running a farm or ranch. From the operation of farm machinery and equipment to the sometimes unpredictable nature of barnyard animals, farmers are subject to a much higher risk of liability than other property owners. The Engel […]

Farm Liability Insurance

Animals Are Assets, Too… As the owner and operator of an independent farm or ranch, you’ve made a number of investments into your agribusiness – equipment, machinery, and crops. Livestock is also a big investment for farmers and ranchers alike, and like any financial asset, you’ll want to ensure a […]

Farm Livestock Insurance

Keep Your Farm Afloat in Times of Trouble… The farming and agricultural industry often involves risk and uncertainty. From unexpected natural disasters to major economic changes in the marketplace, many situations can affect the productivity of your agribusiness. The Engel Agency understands that the success of your farm directly impacts […]

Crop Insurance

Extra Security to Protect your Hard Work The Engel Agency, Inc. provides umbrella insurance policies to farms, ranches, and agribusiness operations facilities in Maquoketa, Preston, Bellevue, Charlotte, Delmar, Miles, and surrounding areas. The Engel Agency, Inc. knows that your farm is your business. And like any business owner, you’re faced […]

Farm Umbrella Insurance

Stay Safe Both On and Off the Farm Whether you’re hauling grain or transporting livestock, the vehicles you use around the farm are a vital part of your day-to-day operations, and you cannot afford for them not to be working properly. With a Farm Auto Insurance policy from The Engel […]

Farm Auto Insurance

Secure Your Farm From the Ground Up. As the owner of a successful agribusiness, your farm or ranch contains some of your biggest physical assets. Barns, machine sheds, and granaries are essential elements that keep your farming operations running smoothly, but in the event of a disaster, the loss of […]

Farm Structures Insurance

It is More Than A Farm. It is Your Home Operating a farm or ranch is a unique business in many ways. One big difference from most other jobs is that many farmers do not just work on their property – they live there too. And having the right protection […]

Farm Dwelling Insurance

Keep Your Equipment Running Strong As a farmer, you rely on your equipment to run like clockwork. But in the event of equipment breakdown or failure, it can be difficult and expensive to repair. Damaged or broken equipment can easily cost thousands of dollars to replace, which is why Farm […]

Farm Equipment Insurance

Live to Ride You’ve spent time training, taking care of, and most likely competing with your horse. And as a proud owner, it is up to you to ensure its safety and well being. Since your horse represents both a financial and emotional investment, medical expenses can be costly. An […]

Farm Equine Insurance

You Have Made It Your Living. Keep It Protected There are probably a lot of reasons for why you chose to make your living on the farm – from the independence and freedom that comes with owning your own business to knowing the value of a hard day’s work. At […]

Farm Owners Insurance